30-Year Dream Backyard Becomes Reality

  This project started off as a dream of the client’s late wife.  For years she had wanted to transform their backyard into a retreat.  After her passing our client felt a pressing need to bring this 30-year dream to life in memory of her.   The backyard had major drainage and erosion issues.  The decaying […]

Paver Patio vs Wood Deck: Which is Best for You?

  Everyone loves an inviting outdoor space for eating, entertaining, and relaxing. Deciding what kind of outdoor space to create calls for evaluating the location of the structure, the topography of your yard, budget, and of course the aesthetic you hope to achieve. One significant choice will be what kind of material you want to […]

Spring Bulb Clean-Up

As your spring flowers begin to die off and foliage begins to droop and yellow, it’s time to take action! Follow our advice to trim these plants properly so your bulbs will produce gorgeous flowers for you again in the fall.   Hyacinth When flowers are spent, holding the flower stem firm, cut the stalk as […]