Protect trees and shrubs

Protect Your Trees & Shrubs From Winter Damage

Protect your trees and shrubs against winter damage! You’ve invested in your trees and shrubs and with a little effort now, you can make sure they survive our harsh Wisconsin winters. It is important to guard against both creatures as well as the elements. Deer – Deer have already started rubbing against trees, which means […]

How to prune hydrangeas

How Do I Prune Hydrangeas?

“How do I prune hydrangeas” sounds like a simple question, right? But, to do it correctly, this question needs to be tackled in three parts.  We first have to answer: What kind of hydrangea do you have? When is the right time to prune the type of hydrangea you have? What is the best way […]

Download Fall Landscaping Checklist

Fall is a perfect time to set your landscape up for success in spring and summer. Follow this guide for our top tips on how to care for your flowers, lawn, trees and shrubs in fall. Download Checklist Flowers Divide & transplant perennials (while ground temperatures are still warm) Cut the tops and stems down to […]