Landscaping Trends 2024

Landscape Trends for 2024

Landscape trends can be viewed as short-term fads in a localized area or on a larger scale as a global shift in thinking.  Instead of looking at what’s hot or not in landscaping, this year we’ve researched the big global trends in the landscape industry.  Below we touch on some of the larger points and […]

Reengineered Lawn Installation Program

Reengineered Lawn Installation Program Yields Amazing Results

With the right leader, right team and right approach, our clients’ new lawn installations have a much greater chance of success. This was tested and proven in 2023. Challenges in Lawn Installation: Establishing a new green, lush, healthy lawn is particularly challenging in Wisconsin due to several factors: Climate variability: Wisconsin experiences a wide range […]

Illuminate the outdoors

lluminate Your Outdoors: A Guide to Landscape and Hardscape Lighting

A well-lit landscape can transform your property, enhancing its beauty and functionality. Whether you want to create a cozy atmosphere for outdoor gatherings or improve security, the right lighting can work wonders. Let’s explore the different kinds of lighting you can use in your landscape and hardscapes to enhance your property. Path Lighting: Path lights […]