Illuminate the outdoors

lluminate Your Outdoors: A Guide to Landscape and Hardscape Lighting

A well-lit landscape can transform your property, enhancing its beauty and functionality. Whether you want to create a cozy atmosphere for outdoor gatherings or improve security, the right lighting can work wonders. Let’s explore the different kinds of lighting you can use in your landscape and hardscapes to enhance your property. Path Lighting: Path lights […]

Managing Green Debris: 4 Essential Tips for Garden Waste

Managing Green Debris: 4 Essential Tips for Garden Waste

On a crisp autumn morning in Milwaukee, imagine sipping a warm beverage while admiring the burst of colors in your garden. It’s almost heavenly. But not without its challenges. As leaves gracefully descend, managing green debris becomes paramount in nurturing a healthy, sustainable outdoor haven. In this guide, crafted with the unique characteristics of the […]

Protect trees and shrubs

Protect Your Trees & Shrubs From Winter Damage

Protect your trees and shrubs against winter damage! You’ve invested in your trees and shrubs and with a little effort now, you can make sure they survive our harsh Wisconsin winters. It is important to guard against both creatures as well as the elements. Deer – Deer have already started rubbing against trees, which means […]