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10 Native Plants Perfect for Your Southeastern Wisconsin Landscape

Integrating native plants into your residential landscape offers a myriad of benefits beyond mere aesthetics. Native plants are naturally adapted to the local environment, requiring less water, fertilizer, and pesticides, which translates to lower maintenance and reduced costs. Their deep root systems help prevent soil erosion and promote water infiltration, contributing to healthier soil and […]

5 Curb Appeal Landscaping Ideas for Selling Your Home

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to selling a home. Curb appeal – the look and feel of a property from the street – can make or break a potential buyer’s interest. A well-landscaped front yard that’s inviting and looks cared for signals to buyers that the home has been maintained and loved. In […]

Perennials to Divide in Spring

May is  an opportune time for dividing popular perennials, ensuring vibrant garden beds throughout the season. Among the commonly divided perennials are Hostas, Daylilies,  Siberian Iris, Shasta Daisies, Bee Balm, and ornamental grasses. Dividing these plants not only promotes healthier growth but also allows for expanding garden beds or sharing plants with friends and neighbors. […]

Spring Into Action: Prepare for the Growing Season

As the frost begins to thaw and the days grow longer, it’s time for homeowners in the greater Milwaukee area to turn their attention to the outdoors. Spring marks the beginning of a new growing season, and proper preparation now will ensure that your landscape thrives in the warmer months ahead. Whether you’re a seasoned […]

Reengineered Lawn Installation Program Yields Amazing Results

With the right leader, right team and right approach, our clients’ new lawn installations have a much greater chance of success. This was tested and proven in 2023. Challenges in Lawn Installation: Establishing a new green, lush, healthy lawn is particularly challenging in Wisconsin due to several factors: Climate variability: Wisconsin experiences a wide range […]