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APRIL Landscaping Checklist

Flowers Remove all boughs or coverings from your perennial beds to allow plants the light and air they need to grow. Once actively growing, divide perennials like hosta, grasses and daylilies.  It’s also a good time to transplant if you need to move something. Bring spring to your yard by planting containers with pansies, snapdragons, […]

Landscape Trends for 2024

Landscape trends can be viewed as short-term fads in a localized area or on a larger scale as a global shift in thinking.  Instead of looking at what’s hot or not in landscaping, this year we’ve researched the big global trends in the landscape industry.  Below we touch on some of the larger points and […]

Protect Your Trees & Shrubs From Winter Damage

Protect your trees and shrubs against winter damage! You’ve invested in your trees and shrubs and with a little effort now, you can make sure they survive our harsh Wisconsin winters. It is important to guard against both creatures as well as the elements. Deer – Deer have already started rubbing against trees, which means […]

Hardscape vs. Landscape: Combining the Two for Outstanding Outdoor Results

Imagine a backyard that combines hardscape and landscape elements, creating a harmonious and visually stunning outdoor space. The gentle sound of water trickling from a stone fountain, the vibrant colors of blooming flowers framing a perfectly laid patio, and the soft greenery of a well-manicured lawn blending effortlessly with a winding pathway – the epitome […]

How to Divide and Transplant Perennials in Southeast Wisconsin

In southeast Wisconsin, there are many perennial plants that can (and should!) be divided and transplanted in the fall. Dividing perennials not only helps rejuvenate old plants and control their size but also provides new plants for other areas of your garden. Fall division allows these plants to establish their root systems during the cooler […]