6 Small Garden Landscaping Ideas for Your Menomonee Falls Garden

Just because your garden is small doesn’t mean that you need to compromise design. While you may not have room for sweeping beds or a grove of trees, there’s plenty of ways to make a tiny garden feel larger. Keep reading for a few small garden landscaping ideas that can help you do just that. 1. Add […]

5 Gorgeous Zone 5 Perennials to Liven Up Your Landscaping

We don’t see grand garden landscapes today the way we once did. No one plots acres of hedgerows or fields dotted with a hundred different types of rose for their own backyard anymore. Today’s garden is smaller and more manageable—but it doesn’t have to be less beautiful than the aristocratic roaming grounds of a bygone age. If […]

Summer Lawn Care Tips for Keeping Your Grass Green in Milwaukee

Summer is the most active period for your lawn. And, with the right summer lawn care tips, your lawn has the potential to look full and green all season and provide the perfect outdoor environment for you and your family. However, giving your lawn a good mow every week isn’t enough to keep it healthy. […]