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30-Year Dream Backyard Becomes Reality

This project started off as a dream of the client’s late wife.  For years she had wanted to transform their backyard into a retreat.  After her passing our client felt a pressing need to bring this 30-year dream to life in memory of her.  

The backyard had major drainage and erosion issues.  The decaying timbers were becoming dangerous for the grandkids and the client’s dog.  There was no safe way to get down to the lower level of the yard and to the shed.  The client gave us an open slate as he felt he could not put a price on this memorial for his wife.  

The client’s requirements for the project included a water feature to minimize the noise of the freeway, replacing the walls, adding steps to make the lower level accessible, solving the major drainage issues, and bringing in color. 

Fieldstone was chosen for the walls to go with the natural design of the house.  The walls terrace the landscape to solve the erosion while creating multiple planting areas.  Lannon stone steps were installed to make a beautiful and safe transition to the multiple levels of this landscape.

We were challenged by narrow access to the yard because of the privacy fence, so we needed to remove fence panels to get into the yard.  The 5 cubic yard drywell was installed to mitigate the drainage issues in the lower level.  All drainage in the back yard comes to this area, and it handles it with ease.  


The basalt columns water feature was chosen for it’s natural appearance which blends in with the other features of the home and landscape.  The pond-less aspect was chosen to be child and dog friendly, as well as being low maintenance.  Landscape lighting brings this to life late into the evening and it can be viewed from multiple windows in the home.   

A hammock was added to this project so the client could enjoy afternoon naps and catch up on some reading.  It is the perfect location to enjoy the entire back yard while listening to the sound of water cascading down the centerpiece of this landscape.    

The plantings were chosen to be tough enough to handle the dog traffic and able to thrive with only having filtered sun due to the large overhead trees.  The mix of textures and newly installed sod give this lush backyard retreat its finishing touches.  

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