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Lawn Care Tips for Winter In Wisconsin

When snow drops by the tons, you may not be thinking about winter lawn care. Taking care of snow and ice is the foremost priority for homeowners during winter. Knowing some helpful tips will free up a lot of time when spring cleaning comes around. Here are some winter lawn care tips that make spring cleaning a little easier.

Keep the Plants Covered

There are a number of things you can do to preserve your plants during winter. The first thing you should do is take as many plants as you can inside. Place plants in areas that are exposed to as much sunlight as possible. Second, anything you can’t take inside should be covered. A post from The Spruce advises homeowners to use mulch to maintain plants throughout winter. After you get your plants in check, take a look at your trees.

A Little Bit of Tree Service Goes A Long Way

Homeowners can benefit greatly from tree service throughout the year. According to a post from Accurate Tree Services, trimming or removing dead tree limbs puts your tree in optimal condition when warmer weather comes around. Removing weak and dying branches on trees reduces the chance of them scattering around your lawn and causing damage to your home. Homeowners should remove any branches and debris from trees from their roof as well. Keeping your roof clear of debris can improve the drainage system outside of your home.

Make Sure Your Drainage Systems Are In Check

Your drainage system is essential for keeping your lawn well kept all year-round. When drainage systems aren’t working right, they can negatively affect the soil and water quality. Ice dams and blocks of ice that form in your gutter can increase runoff. You can minimize the occurrence of ice dams by removing snow and ice from your roof. When it comes to keeping your lawn protected, homeowners should also be aware of how rock salt affects soil and water quality.

Watch the Salt!

Before you deice your driveway, be sure you know how products can affect your lawn. Calcium chloride or rock salt is generally safe for concrete. Although, rock salt can negatively affect the quality of water and soil. Consider using environmentally safe products such as potassium chloride or urea. For pet owners, be on the lookout for products that are labeled pet-safe. For more information, see our post on the alternatives to rock salt!

A Final Word on Landscaping in Winter

Winter lawn care keeps your home looking great and saves you time and energy when nicer weather comes around. You can also use the downtime to brainstorm projects for spring and summer. For tree trimming and other winter services, give American Landscape a call. We offer a range of services for all four seasons.