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How to Create a Cottage Style Landscape

The Cottage style landscape is inspired by the old English garden. It typically showcases a harmonious blend of colorful flowers, lush foliage, and an abundance of plants, often arranged in a seemingly random or natural manner. Cottage gardens typically feature a mix of perennial flowers, annuals, herbs, and sometimes vegetables, with an emphasis on fragrant blooms.  The Cottage style landscape feels informal and organic, but is actually well planned so as not to appear messy and chaotic. This style is an explosion of texture, color and form.  You will often find curving pathways leading to seating nooks and hidden fountains or statuary. The end result is a cheerful, relaxing landscape providing a quiet sanctuary.

Plantings for a Cottage Style Landscape

Choose a mix of flowering plants, including perennials and annuals, that are well-suited to our Wisconsin climate and soil conditions. Opt for a variety of colors, shapes, and heights to create visual interest. Some suggested plant selections include:

  • Roses, hydrangea, lilac, peonies
  • Hedges – cotoneaster, privet, boxwood
  • Specialty evergreens and specimen trees.
  • Perennials galore (to minimize upkeep)!

Layout Tips

Avoid rigid geometric patterns and lean into a more relaxed and naturalistic layout. Meandering borders, and irregularly shaped beds enhance the cottage landscape feel.When setting up your cottage garden beds, plant densely for a lush and overflowing look. Layer plants with different heights, placing taller plants towards the back or center and shorter ones towards the front. This creates depth and a sense of abundance.

Pathways and Seating Nooks

Curved pathways, are a perfect fit for a cottage style garden. They inspire exploration and enhance the sense of informality. You can use hard surfacing like pavers or brick or  wood chips and gravel also work well. Be sure to incorporate seating in the cottage garden. Choose natural materials, like wood to reinforce the naturalistic feel of the cottage style landscape.

Structural Accents

Embedding accents, from picket fences to vintage or rustic-inspired garden accessories will add to the character and ambiance of a cottage style landscape.

  • Fences, arbors, trellises and archways – create vertical interest and provide support for climbers. Use natural materials like stone, wood, and gravel to enhance the rustic appeal.
  • Architectural accents, such as statuary and planters – weathered pots, finials and sculptures add a sense of whimsy and fun to the cottage garden
  • Birdhouses, birdbaths, and bird feeders – include features that will help attract wildlife to your garden space.

Embrace the informal charm of a cottage style landscape on your property. Our designers are experts in creating the ambiance this colorful and whimsical landscape style provides. Connect with one of our experts today to start planning!