We’d like to formally welcome to our staff, our new Accounting Assistant brings with her a strong background in accounting, with a degree from UW-Milwaukee and practical experience with previous companies. In her new role here, she will be contributing heavily to our invoicing department, and also answering client phone calls and lending a helping hand with general administrative duties.

El Presidente!

Once a year, American Landscape carries on the tradition of reserving a day to close the doors and gather the entire company together to recognize and celebrate the professional achievements of our well-deserving staff. The culmination of this ceremony is the awarding of our annual President’s Trophy, given to the one member who best exemplifies our mission to reach further and raise the standard of excellence in his or her respective division of the company. Congratulations to our 2013 recipient, Scott Briedenbach! Scott is very much respected and appreciated throughout the company for his endless dedication to servicing and maintaining our trucks and equipment. His efforts help to insure that we not only operate with maximum efficiency, but more importantly, that our vehicles and equipment are serving the safety and well-being of our crews.