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Why You Should Leave Stump Grinder Operation to the Experts

There are many wrong and dangerous ways to remove a tree stump. So, you should be looking for a professional stump grinder service to rid your yard of tree stumps. It’s not an easy job. Plus, the operation of dangerous power tools without proper training can lead to serious injuries.

Here are some good reasons why you should leave stump grinder operations to the professionals.

tree stump on a lawn

It’s Cheaper to Hire a Professional Stump Grinder Service

If you want to remove a stump by yourself, you’ll have to buy or rent the equipment yourself. And the specialist tools you’ll need can be very expensive. In fact, it’s likely to be more expensive than hiring a landscaping service in the first place.

Professional landscaping services undertake stump grinding jobs nearly every day. So, they already have the equipment on hand, as well as all the necessary safety gear. This means it’s actually often much cheaper to hire a professional who knows how to put the equipment to good use. So, why would you ever bother doing the hard work yourself?

We Know What the Common Problems Are

Removing a stump may seem easy, but it’s more complicated than many people think. For example, not many people are really aware how deep certain tree roots can go. And some people try to use inappropriate methods like burning the stump, which aren’t very effective.

We know how to properly remove tree stumps, however, so we destroy roots to the extent that they can’t cause problems in the future. By doing this, we make sure that subsequent landscaping is unaffected.

Don’t Put Yourself at Risk

We don’t just know all the problems and challenges when removing a stump. We know how to stay safe when dealing with stump grinder equipment. Our team is fully trained to use tools which are potentially dangerous. And because we know the dangers, we recommend that if you aren’t appropriately trained, you don’t attempt to grind the stump yourself.

We safety assess all our jobs and know how to work through challenges safely. For example, when there are several tree stumps grouped together, they can be much harder to deal with than a single stump.

We’ll Remove the Waste

Once your tree stump has been ground up, you’ve still got to get rid of all the shredded waste. This will only add to your costs because your local dump is going to charge you by the cubic yard for garden waste disposal.

We’ll clean up, leave your garden nice and tidy, and take the waste away. We can even neatly fill in the stump hole(s) we’ve left behind and cover it with new turf. So, you’ll have nothing left to think about except what to do with your newly reclaimed patch of garden.

Have Your Tree Stumps Removed Today

We are accomplished landscape managers with hundreds of stump removal jobs under our belts. Contact us today to arrange a stump removal appointment. Our friendly team can also offer suggestions for what to do with the land once it’s been freed up, such as developing a beautiful new landscaping approach for your lawn or garden!