2023 WLCA Award-Winning Hardscape Project

This new construction project started like any other, but we quickly realized that our Brookfield client was looking for something unique. They wanted a one-of-a-kind design to complement their modern new home.

This design required a creative touch to stand out in a neighborhood filled with traditional builds. It needed to match the look of the house while also complementing the beautiful natural backdrop. With no budgetary limitations, the client wanted a truly custom design.

The features requested included a fire pit, a large area for entertaining friends and family, and multiple seating walls. They wanted everything, including the planting beds, to have clean, straight lines.

For the seating walls, we selected Borealis to provide a natural wood look while maintaining a modern style. Travertina Raw was chosen for the slabs and base of the patio to give it a clean, modern appearance. The use of Borealis, Squadra, and Antika for the inlays and border added a touch of natural elegance to the modern design.

One challenge we faced was the client’s desire for artificial materials between the patio pavers. They did not want any loose stone or sand that could be kicked around by their kids. Due to the costs involved, we decided to use black raven sand in Gator Rock Bond to achieve this. The colors popped, and to get that rich deep black color, we washed the dust out of the sand using screens before installation. The end result was worth every bit of effort.

Minimalistic, clean-looking plantings were placed around the home, topped with grey slate stone mulch. Hard bed lines were installed to complement the home’s modern architecture. The final touch was adding lighting that enhanced the home’s aesthetics. We used 22-inch linear lights on the seating bench along with bollard path lights to complete this modern oasis.

Now, the kids love having friends over to enjoy the ambiance of the fire. It is truly a unique space to relax and enjoy family time after a long day. Our customers are thrilled that we delivered the beautiful oasis they dreamed of.