2021 WLCA Gold Award Residential Landscape Maintenance

Our long-time clients found their dream property situated on one of lake country’s beautiful lakes. The original home was mostly demolished and a new home built in its footprints. Our clients were looking for something that made a positive statement about their personalities and life style. Their project goal was such that when they leave to their busy jobs in the morning it’s important they get inspiration from the outdoor environment to set the tone for the day. In the same way, when arriving home in the evening they want to experience a beautiful landscape for evening relaxation time.  Having a comforting, inspiring, and colorful outdoor experience was foremost in their minds. Even since the initial installation, the property has been continually upgraded and accented over the years. We’ve maintained the site since it’s original development – including lawn care, spring and fall clean up, mowing, landscape bed care and seasonal annual flower displays – for over ten years.