2021 WLCA Gold Award of Excellence for Residential Landscape Maintenance

Perched on a hilltop in the western suburbs of Milwaukee, this site offers a gorgeous natural setting with a stunning vista toward the western sunset beyond the back yard. The roughly two-acre property contains a variety of unique and distinguished spaces including a bluestone terrace surrounding an in-ground pool, a wood pergola overlooking the ravine, a formal sunken annual garden, a naturalized fire pit area built into the hillside, semi-private terraces at various building entrance points, and extensive planting beds with mixes of annual and perennial color stabilized by deciduous and evergreen shrubs, ornamentals and established trees. We’ve been providing comprehensive full-service landscape maintenance and tree care to the property since 2009, including an intensive program for custom annual displays and rotating seasonal displays in the various pots at the building entrances, as well as in strategic plant bed locations throughout the property including the sunken annual garden.