2020 WLCA Gold Award of Excellence for Residential Landscape Design & Construction

This was a transformational project which accompanied a home and exterior façade remodeling at an inland lake property. The clients wanted to spend most of their time on the lake side of the home, which is the front of the house as it sits on the property. Project goals included a courtyard hardscape and lower plantings so as to preserve the view. A beautiful existing Red Oak tree shades the front area, for which we needed to be cognizant to preserve the root structure, so as to ensure that it continues to thrive. Ultimately, a bluestone quiet seating area was developed, to include a clay paver serpentine front walk, which connected the front entrance and seating area to both the driveway and a deck area on the side of the house. The final installation included low voltage lighting, a sub-surface drainage system, shade-tolerant plants and a unique sculptural element.